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Cocktails in a Caravan!

...Well not quite, but i was right next to a Caravan for a Garden Party to mark to occasions! Firstly an open evening for an Art Gallery and secondly for Birthday Celebrations!

Jonathan hired me for a smallish gathering, providing Cocktails and Gin and Tonics for both sets of guests! The Art Gallery was at the bottom of the garden, in a quirky converted and rather large "Shed".

Cocktail Wise, star of the show was my Thirstytini; a gorgeous blend of Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin with Lime, Plum Bitters, Vanilla, Passion Fruit and Pressed Apple. Plus the Gin & Tonics got hit ever so slightly too, with the Likes of Hendricks served with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic and Pinkster served with Elderflower Tonic.

It's fair to say it was non stop shaking most of the night, byt the time i got going at 6:30pm, the next thing i knew it was nearly 10pm. Loads of Fun though and a great setting for a Garden Party!

Cocktail Party in Ipswich
Cocktail Party in Ipswich


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