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Beauty Salon Cocktail Making Class near Bishops Stortford

The Event & Location

I was hired by Jemma after meeting her at a Networking Event. As soon as she clocked the “Cocktails” and “Gin” in my opening 60 seconds, I think the seeds were planted. Jemma is part of Priors Green Beauty Salon in Little Canfield, Near Bishops Stortford, Essex. She looks after their Marketing and Events. A couple of days after the first meeting, the Date was set and Jemma went about selling tickets…which incidentally didn’t take too long to sell out for our “First” Cocktail Masterclass. I say first, as we’ve now got another 2 themed events booked in and more to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

The whole premise to hosting these Events was so that Priors Green could then use the event to sell on Beauty Treatments and give their Customers a great Night to thank you for their custom.

Beauty Salon Cocktail Making Class near Bishops Stortford
Beauty Salon Cocktail Making Class near Bishops Stortford


I went with a Gin theme for the Cocktail Masterclass. In all honesty, I have no idea why after not knowing precisely who was coming, but the drinks went down a storm.

The group was greeted with my Lemon & Strawberry Spritz, a lovely refreshing Bellini made with homemade Gin based Limoncello, Fresh Strawberries, Soda and Prosecco. Then we progressed into the Masterclass where in 2s, they got to come behind the Bar to make MoGINto’s, my Thirstytini (you can see the amazing Cocktail here) and a Rose Garden, a blend of Hendricks Gin, Rose, Cucumber, Mint and Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic.

The Guests

Smaller Cocktail Making Classes are great. It enables me to really have some fun with the guests and get the interaction going. For this Event we had 10 Ladies in attendance which was great. The vast majority all being Mum's that were loving they had a Friday Night out while the Hubby's were looking after the Kids! It was also great for Priors Green because there was plenty of Treatments going on and Nail things and Make up being sold (my knowledge of this world is limited! 😉)

Do you go to a Beauty Salon that could Host a Cocktail Night?

After the success of the first Night, we’ve got a series of Events booked in. First up is a Hawaiian Night, then second, we’re going for a glam Black and White theme, give the Ladies a chance to dress up and go Out out!

I’d love to replicate this I other Salons, Beauty or Hair. I don’t need much room, so if your Local salon is interested, Share this Blog with them, or Tag them in on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do!


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