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Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum Review and Banana Daiquiri Recipe

Coming up in this video, this is a review of Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum. We're gonna do a little bit of a review about it, we're gonna tell you what it tastes like, what it smells like. I've got some mixers that I'm gonna tell you what work really well with it. Then coming up, right at the end, if I've got a very quick cocktail that this works amazingly well for. Stay tuned.

Hey rum fans, Steve the Barman here and I'm hoping these videos will help you drink, serve and enjoy better quality drinks. Today's video is another spiced rum. It's Cargo Cult's Banana Spiced Rum. All the way from Australia. I've been wanting to do this for quite a long while. It's been out of stock over the summer at most of my wholesalers, well all of my wholesalers so I literally haven't been able to get it but I noticed it was back in stock a couple of weeks ago so here it is. Cargo Cult, the brand,

they've got two rums in their portfolio, or spiced rums I should say. They've got their traditional spiced rum which was launched in 2016. Then they've got this banana spiced rum which was launched in 2018 using that very same original spiced rum.


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The base rums themselves are a blend of Pacific Island rums. So we've got Fiji in the rum in there and we've got rum from Papua New Guinea. Those rums are then shipped back to Australia where they are blended and tropical aged for another two years. Then, with this banana one, they're obviously taking that base spiced rum and infusing it with Queensland bananas. As this has got a little story on the back as well, I love reading the stories so I'm just gonna read the little story for you. So small batch banana spiced rum. On isolated South Pacific islands, Cargo Cults patiently waited for limitless supplies of cargo to appear over the horizon. Just as it did during World War Two. To summons the mythical cargo, aircraft towers are built from palm trees, landing strips cleared and fires are still lit. While the endless abundance of cargo is yet to appear one thing that's in no short supply is bananas. From tropical north Queensland to the clusters of lush green islands stretching across the South Pacific, you'll find no shortage of banana palms heavy with ripe fruit. From rich volcanic soil and naturally pure South Pacific cane, Cargo Cult Spiced Banana Rum is aged under the intense tropical sun. Blended and spiced and infused with northern Queensland's bananas. Then bottled in small batches.

Nose and Taste

This smells absolutely amazing on the nose. Big rich vibrant banana hits you straight away. We've got a bit of cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg coming through in the background. Also subtle hints of vanilla on there as well. But the one thing you can't escape from, which you don't always get with spiced rums, is that this smells of rum. To taste, again it's just a lovely luxurious kind of mouth fill rum. Bananas up front, lots and lots of sort of sweet banana there. You cannot get away from the

fact it is a proper spiced rum. More cinnamon and vanilla come through in the aftertaste. But the finish, it is just exceptionally smooth. For me, comparing this to the Hoxton Banana Rum that I did a couple of weeks ago, I actually really do prefer this. This is an amazing banana rum.

Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum as a Banana and Chocolate Daiquiri
Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum as a Banana and Chocolate Daiquiri

What Mixes well with Banana Spiced Rum?

So as a simple, a long mixed drink or a hi ball, this works exceptionally well. You can see I've had a little play with this. I've got my favourites right here. I'll be honest, there was nothing it didn't really work well with. However there was a few, I've got my top four here, where the banana really shone through. So, in third and fourth place going Old Jamaica pineapple soda. Really really loved that. Pineapple and banana very well together. And in third place, normal Coca Cola. Let's just spin those round. Normal Coca Cola absolutely lovely. Banana coke worked very very well together so really recommend those two. For me, I really struggle to split the top two. Both of them made

exceptional simple hi balls. But, in the end, I did just give it to one. So, in second place, I'm going with this. This is Fentimans brand new tropical soda. Essentially pineapple and cardamom. But there's lots of other flavours in there. We've got a little bit of juniper, Kaffir lime leaf, pear extract in there as well. Just makes an exceptional hi ball. And that, the pineapple with the banana kind of gave this really tropical vibe. However, you're gonna be massively surprised. The regular ones amongst you are gonna be massively surprised with my number one for this. My top out and out pick as a simple hi ball is Coca Cola's brand new. This is their number four but it's their signature mixer number four. This is their woody cola. The woody notes, with the banana, just worked amazingly well. It took the whole Coke serve, which was lovely, to a whole new level. Now I haven't been overly keen on these four, you can see them behind me on my shoulder there. They're not bad, I really don't like that one, number three, I really don't like that one. But it seems the more I play about with these, the more different rums and other spirits that I play around with, the more I actually find they do work very well with.

Now, as promised right at the start, I'm also gonna add in a very quick cocktail for you as well. I've tried this very quickly with an Espresso Martini and a Banana Old Fashioned. Both of those are absolutely amazing. But what I'm gonna make for you now is a banana and chocolate Daiquiri.

Banana and Chocolate Daiquiri Recipe

Nick and Nora glass is just chilling down with some ice so I'm just gonna pop that to one side.

In my cocktail shaker, I want;

  • 50 ml of banana rum.

  • 10 ml of Bols creme de cacao.

  • 20 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice.

  • 10 ml of brown sugar syrup.

Fill your shaker with ice.

I'm using crushed ice because I just like to use crushed ice when shaking Daiquiris. And then you just need to shake for about 10 to 12 seconds.

Get rid of the ice out of your glass and that should leave it nice and cold and then, just take a strainer and simply single strain your finished drink.

To finish the cocktail off, I'm just gonna add one dash of chocolate bitters.

And then simply garnish with a lime wheel.

And that is my banana and chocolate Daiquiri.

That is heaven in a glass, cheers.


I'll see you next time.


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