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Captain Morgans Gingerbread Spiced Rum Review

Coming up in this video, I finally got a bottle. This is Captain Morgan's brand new Gingerbread Spiced Rum or Spiced Rum Spirit drink, I should say. Wanna know all about it, what it tastes like?

Hello rum fans, I'm Steve the Barman and I'm hoping these videos will help you drink, serve, and enjoy better quality rum. And at the moment, Spiced Rum. So that's what my emphasis is on. Let's dive straight into this.

This is Captain Morgan's brand new Gingerbread Spiced Rum spirit drink. We can't call it Spiced Rum, or Rum because it's 30% ABV. It has to be above 37.5% ABV in the U.K., or 40% in the U.S.. So it's just a spirit-based drink, but gingerbread. I haven't opened it yet. I'm hoping it's gonna be tasting amazing. At the time of shooting, October 2019 is when it's just been launched. Literally in the last week, two weeks or so. At this precise moment, it is exclusive to Asda in the U.K., and a handful of Greene King pubs. You will not be able to get this anywhere else at the time being. But, my Diageo source and I quote, has said to me, "For the time being." So, they're just gonna see how it rolls.

This is just coming out at the right time for the next sort of four, five, six months potentially. Captain Morgan, as the brand, I think I'm right in saying this. Has just literally celebrated their 75th anniversary. They were formed in 1944. Back in those days, it was Seagrams, Canada I think it was. Where this was launched. Before the might of Diageo came in, bought it out, I think early 2000s. If not 2000, 2001. So it's been Diageo-owned ever since. It gets a lot of haters from proper rum fans. Especially in the U.K.. Purely because of providence, you know. It's a different, and this is the thing with Diageo products, it's a different liquid in every single country. The rums are bought and blended specifically for that area. So the U.S. Captain Morgan is a very different beast to what the U.K. and European Captain Morgan is. The only thing they will have in common is that sort of caramel dosage colouring is added to kinda give Captain Morgan that same colour universally, worldwide.

What is Gingerbread?

And here's a knowledge bomb for you as well. Funny, I thought this would be actually quite commonly known but, gingerbread is actually not a thing. It's a byproduct of a few ingredients put together. There's a few people I've been chatting to recently that actually thought gingerbread was a thing, it's not. It's a collection of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, a bit of pepper blended together. With a sweetener, like treacle or honey or molasses, something like that. So that is what gingerbread is.

What does Captain Morgan Gingerbread Smell Like?

On the nose, the big flavours I get in there is obviously the cinnamon. I get a lot of the cloves coming through again, big, bold flavours. Smells very sweet as well. So I'm really looking forward to trying this.

Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum
Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum

What does Captain Morgan Gingerbread Rum Taste Like?

That's gonna be deceptively dangerous to drink. Because you don't get the alcohol from that at all. It's 30% ABV, so it's a lot stronger than sort of some of your liqueurs out there and things like that. So it's got a decent kick to it but it hasn't got that kind of, rum bite that you would expect from a lot of spiced rums. The heat I get off it, it's kind of, it's very well-balanced actually. It's a really, really nice drink. I get the cinnamon coming forward, I get a touch of cloves on there, but I get a little bit of pepper, it's that pepper kick that comes through that I think just rounds that off and makes it that, an exceptional kind of, sort of winter-y drink. It's gonna be really lovely to play around with.

How to Drink Captain Morgan Gingerbread

What does it mix with?

Quick tasting, and Diageo and Captain Morgan have absolutely nailed this for the festive season. Especially in the U.K.. As to say, it's a guilt free, pleasant drink. The recommended serves, they've got three for this. They've got normal Coca-Cola, but also pressed apple juice, so cold apple juice, and then we've got hot, or warmed up, apple juice. You could go in and do a little bit more of that add some more spices, but that's all I've tried and each and every one of those tastes really, really good. I haven't actually got a can at the moment, but what that reminds me of, and I really really like it is, Pepsi-Max's ginger. Except that, it's got obviously, a lot more of a ginger-y kind of kick to it. The Coke really complements the spices in there the ginger, the cinnamon, and that little bit of pepper. That just works very, very well. And so Captain Morgan's Gingerbread and Coke, really, really love that. Now when it comes to apple, we all know that apple juice apple and ginger is just a match made in heaven. So this was always gonna work. I can't actually decide which is my favourite. Whether I enjoy it cold more or whether I enjoy it hot. Each and every one of those. The one thing I will say. It's not as sweet as I was expecting. I was actually expecting it to be a lot sweeter, a lot more syrup-y, and it's not. It just makes a very pleasant drink.

Summing Up

You know, let's talk, let's equate another Diageo product. Pimms. It's nothing special, but people go absolutely nuts for it in the summer. But there is nothing, kind of, winter related. You know, we've all got the mulled wine and the mulled ciders and that thing. But as a spirit serve, there's nothing really to kind of to take the whole Pimms summer mantle through to the winter. And this could be it!

If you're a pub, if you're a bar in the U.K., get on this because this is just gonna make you money. And if you do, if you do go to a supermarket if you're at home and try it I guarantee that friends, family get around Bonfire Night, things like that. That is just gonna work a treat. As to say, I can't really split them. I love all three. I've been Steve the Barman, drop me a comment below what you think, and I'll see you in the next video.



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