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Best Spiced Rum 2021

It's the question I get asked all the time, What is the best Spiced Rum. So I thought I'd do a Video to continue my Annual Spiced Rum Awards. I'm going to run down my top 15 Spiced Rums, that I've enjoyed during 2021.

There are a few noticeable absentees, simply because I think they are too new to me, to personally feature this year. But check back in 2022, cos they may break into my top 15!

Spiced Rums 15 -12

All in equal place.

Number 11

Spiced Rums 10-6

Spiced Rums 5-2

The Winner; The Best Spiced Rum 2021

To Sum up, there are some phenomenal Spiced Rums available at the moment, and I'm really looking forward to revisiting this list at Christmas 2022. Because already at the time of writing, I have another 5 contenders for the Top 10 Straight away!


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