5 FUN Cocktails with Jaffa Cake Rum

Atom Brands, the parent company of Master of Malt have done it again with another great Jaffa Cake release. This time, they've released a Rum. And if you ever tried a Jaffa Cake, then this Rum is basically just a liquid Alcohol version. So much fun to be had.

Compared to the Jaffa Cake Gin, this Rum is slightly deeper in flavour and for my money, a longer chocolatey finish. You can easily drink it neat, or enjoy it with Coke. (One of my favourite highball serves from my Review which I did on my Spiced & Flavour Rum channel).

Jaffa Cake Rum Cocktails
Jaffa Cake Rum

Then when it comes to Cocktails. It's so versatile. I created a Honey Twist on the Cuba Libre to give a Honey, Orange and Chocolate Coke drink. An Espresso Martini, which obviously takes that specific cocktail to a whole new level. A Runch, A Rumtini and possibly my favourite Cocktail, a Jaffa Cake Mai Tai which is phenomenal! A classic Mai Tai is one of my favourite cocktails anyway, but to add a Chocolate dimension to the cocktail is amazing.

Jaffa Cake Rum Cocktail Inspiration

Jaffa Cake Rum Cocktail Recipes

Jaffa Cake Honey Libre

Glass; Endessa Highball

45ml Jaffa Cake Rum

15ml Cazcabel Honey Tequila

10ml Lime

Top with Coke

Garnish; Lime

Jaffa Cake Mai Tai

Glass; Tiki Mai Tai

60ml Jaffa Cake Rum

15ml Orgeat Syrup

7.5ml Sugar Syrup

22.5ml Lime Juice

2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

Garnish; Lime

Jaffa Cake Espresso Martini

Glass; Vintage Rocks

30ml Jaffa Cake Rum

30ml Mr Black

30ml Espresso

10ml Sugar Syrup

Dash Chocolate Bitters

Garnish; Orange

Jaffa Cake Rum Punch

Glass; Tiki Deuce Mug

60ml Jaffa Cake Rum

22.5ml Velvet Falernum

10ml Lime Juice

7.5ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

45ml Pressed Pineapple Juice