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5 FUN Cocktails with Jaffa Cake Rum

Atom Brands, the parent company of Master of Malt have done it again with another great Jaffa Cake release. This time, they've released a Rum. And if you ever tried a Jaffa Cake, then this Rum is basically just a liquid Alcohol version. So much fun to be had.

Compared to the Jaffa Cake Gin, this Rum is slightly deeper in flavour and for my money, a longer chocolatey finish. You can easily drink it neat, or enjoy it with Coke. (One of my favourite highball serves from my Review which I did on my Spiced & Flavour Rum channel).

Jaffa Cake Rum Cocktails
Jaffa Cake Rum

Then when it comes to Cocktails. It's so versatile. I created a Honey Twist on the Cuba Libre to give a Honey, Orange and Chocolate Coke drink. An Espresso Martini, which obviously takes that specific cocktail to a whole new level. A Runch, A Rumtini and possibly my favourite Cocktail, a Jaffa Cake Mai Tai which is phenomenal! A classic Mai Tai is one of my favourite cocktails anyway, but to add a Chocolate dimension to the cocktail is amazing.

Jaffa Cake Rum Cocktail Inspiration

Jaffa Cake Rum Cocktail Recipes

Jaffa Cake Honey Libre

15ml Cazcabel Honey Tequila

10ml Lime

Top with Coke

Garnish; Lime

Jaffa Cake Mai Tai

Glass; Tiki Mai Tai

22.5ml Lime Juice

Garnish; Lime

Jaffa Cake Espresso Martini

30ml Mr Black

30ml Espresso

Garnish; Orange

Jaffa Cake Rum Punch

45ml Pressed Pineapple Juice

Garnish; Pineapple

Jaffa Rumtini

Glass; Tiki Coupe

30ml Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Garnish; Orange

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