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5 Easy Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Cocktails to make at home

5 Jack Honey Cocktails. Easy Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Cocktails you can make at home or in your Pubs and Bars. Jack Daniels Honey is a Whiskey Liqueur. 35% ABV or 70 Proof for our US friends. It makes some cracking Easy Honey Drinks. These 5 Cocktails, include a Honey Old Fashioned, a Honey Julep, the Honey Buck Cocktail, a Honey and Blackberry Sour and one of my own AMAZING creations.... a Honey, Peach and Cranberry delight!


Cocktail 1

Honey Julep

Cocktail 2

Honey & Vanilla Old Fashioned

Cocktail 3

Honey Buck

Cocktail 4

Honey Peach

Cocktail 5

Honey Blackberry Sour

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