5 EASY Dead Mans Fingers Coffee Rum Cocktails to make at Home

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In this video, I've got 5 EASY Dead Mans Fingers Coffee Rum Cocktails you can make at home, or in your Pubs and Bars. This Coffee Rum is an absolutely lovely addition to the Dead Mans Fingers Range. It's not too sweet, so not a direct replacement to Kahlua in Coffee Cocktails, but does have a healthy Rum kick to it. The Coffee Cocktails in this Video, I have an Espresso Martini, a flip on the Dirty Banana Cocktail, a Coffee Mai Tai, and 2 fruity Coffee and Papaya Punch and a Mango & Coffee Punch.


Cocktail 1

Diablo Highball - https://stblive.uk/diablo

Cocktail 2

Coupe Glass - http://stblive.uk/michelangelochampagne

Cocktail 3

Daiblo Rocks Glass - https://stblive.uk/diablo

Cocktail 4

Pina Colada Glass - http://stblive.uk/pinacolada

Cocktail 5

Highball Glass - http://stblive.uk/endessa