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5 EASY Cocktails with Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin

Whitley Neill have started to do a lot of this now, releasing Limited Edition Gins. The first I can remember is the Gooseberry which thankfully is now a permanent feature...and it's a permanent stock behind my Bar. During Covid, they released a Strawberry & Black Pepper and a Brazillian Lime. Now I missed both of these completely. I can still get a Bottle of the Strawberry, but I'm not sure it's worth it as obviously it hasn't been made now for nearly a year. If it becomes permanent, then I'll invest for sure.

Roll forward to the Summer of 2021 and I am now on the second limited release of the year. First up was the Watermelon and Kiwi and now this little beast. The Mango and Lime Gin.

I have to say...I'm impressed. Very impressed. Now it goes without saying, look Whitley Neill flavoured GIns are not the best as drinking neat. But then Gin on the whole is not a Neat Drink. But what Whitley Neill do VERY well is create flavours that are just epic when mixed. This Mango & Lime Gin is no different. As a Tonic, I do like Fever Tree's Mediterranean. But there are so many options here. In fact, I struggle to think of a Mixer that won't work. But when it comes to Cocktails, this is where it excels as you'll see!

Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin Cocktails

Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Recipes;

Mango Punch Collins

60ml Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin

10ml Monin Raspberry Syrup

10ml ODK Orgeat Syrup

30ml Pineapple Juice

Top with Mediterranean Tonic

Garnish; Mango, Mint, Raspberry

Mango Caipirinha with Basil & Honey

60ml Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin

15ml Cazcabel Honey Tequila

4 Basil Leaves

Garnish; Dehydrated Lime & Basil

Mango & Lime Apple Mojito

60ml Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin

8-10 Mint Leaves

30ml Pressed Apple Juice

60ml Soda Water

Garnish; Mint

Mango Breeze

60ml Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin

45ml Orange Juice

45ml Cranberry Juice

Garnish; Dehydrated Orange & Cranberry

Spicy Mangotini

Glass; Nick & Nora

60ml Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin

10ml Giffard Chilli Piment Liqueur

Garnish; Chilli

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