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5 Easy Cocktails with Passoa - Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipe

This video is dedicated to Passoa. I’ve got 5 Passoa cocktails that you’re going to absolutely love. They are easy cocktails you can make at home with Passoa. Have you ever asked yourself, What can I make with Passoa? Well here is the answer. We all know Passoa goes in the Pornstar Martini Cocktail (aka Passion Fruit Martini), but what else can I make with Passoa? Passoa if you don’t know, is a Passion Fruit Liqueur. As a Passion Fruit drink, its super tasty. So when you get a little bit bored of that famous Martini, I’ve given you some simple passoa cocktails to use the rest of the bottle. I guarantee, if you’re looking for some great Friday night, Cocktails with Passoa, all of these will hit the spot!

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I’m on a mission to serve you up with some awesome Drinks Inspiration with some very. These easy cocktails to make videos will focus on one brand each video and give you 3 to 5 cocktails. So whether you are looking for some cocktails with Passoa, some awesome cocktail recipes with Passion Fruit Liqueur, or even some flipped up classic cocktails, then Hit that Subscribe button because this new playlist is for you!

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Cocktail Recipes

Passoa & Ginger


150ml Spiced Orange Ginger Ale

Exotic Passion


100ml Rubicon Mango

Passoa Margarita


20ml Lime Juice

Passoa Sangria

Wine Glass

150ml Rosé Wine

Oranges & Berries

Passbour Cooler


45ml Bourbon Whiskey -

25ml Cherry Brandy -

90ml Cranberry Juice

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