5 Easy Cocktails with Cherry Heering Liqueur

In this video, I have 5 fun & easy Cocktails with Cherry Heering Liqueur. These Cocktails will also work with Luxardo Cherry Liqueur or your favourite Cherry Brandy. I have created 5 amazing cocktails that will be great at home, for a party, or for a Cocktail menu in a Pub and Bar. And I've also rocked out my Cherry Bakewell Sour which is always a crowd favourite!

Cherry Heering Liqueur
Cherry Heering Liqueur

The Cherry Bakewell Sour has followed me around for years. Almost the same as my Pornstar Martini Recipe. This is just a firm favourite at my Parties. Cherry and Almond notes in a traditional Sour. I mean the Amaretto Sour is a favvy in the UK, so it stands to reason that this variant is going to get the love too.

However, my favourite from this video is actually the Chocolate and Cherry Swizzle. This cocktail is just AMAZING. Luscious Cherry notes. Vibrant chocolate. Very well balanced. it's going to go down as one of those cocktails that I make over and over again!

Cherry Cocktails Video

Cherry Cocktail Recipes


Glass; Vintage Timeless Gold Rimmed Rocks

30ml JJ Whitley Connoisseurs Gin

22.5ml Cherry Heering

10ml Giffard White Creme de Menthe

20ml Lemon Juice

2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

Garnish; Mint & Cherry


Glass; Tiki Coupe

45ml Jagermeister

15ml Cherry Heering

30ml Pineapple Juice

10ml Sugar Syrup

20ml Lemon Juice

8 drops Stillabunt Foamers

Garnish; Dehydrated Orange

Chocolate & Cherry Swizzle

Glass; Tiki Old Fashioned

45ml Plantation OD Rum

22.5ml Cherry Heering

15ml Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

15ml Lime Juice

15ml Sugar Syrup

2 dashes Chocolate Bitters

Garnish; Cherry & Mint

Cherry & Ginger Martini

Glass; Tiki Mai Tai

30ml JJ Whitley Vodka </