5 Easy Cocktails with Absolut Strawberry Juice | StB Live Episode 1

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Welcome to the Launch Show of #StBLIVE! In this very first Sunday night Cocktail Show, I've got 5 EASY Cocktails with Absolut Juice Strawberry Vodka to show you. Plus, I've also got a Hard Seltzer Taste test of 4 of the current leading Brands. Plus I also dive into your Questions.

The Absolut Strawberry Juice Vodka is still a pretty new thing in the UK, It's a proper vodka blended with 5% Strawberry Juice. 35% ABV so has a healthy kick to it. In this Sow I'm going to show you 5 Absolut Vodka Cocktails that you can make at Home or your Pub & Bars! The recipes are below.

As for the Hard Seltzers, I've got 4 Hard Seltzers Ranked in order. Kopparberg. White Claw. Mikes. Brew Dog. I rate each one, then rank them in order of favvy to worst.

The Video below has Chapters, (timestamps) so you can EASILY see the specific section you want to jump to!


Strawberry Spritz

Strawberries & Cream

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Strawberry & Chocolate

Strawberry Collins

Strawberry & Balsamic Mojito

  • Highball Glass

  • Lime

  • 15ml Sugar