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ONLINE Cocktail Making Class

Simply the Best, the Funniest,

And the MOst Legendary...

I bring the You!

My Online Cocktail Making Class has been fully roadtested during COVID 19. I've been running these Nights, most weekends and even for Corporate Events through the Week.

Because of my YouTube Channel, and my Sunday Night Live Stream Show "StB Live", I have been in the very fortunate position of being already geared up to roll these nights out. I have the Film Studio. I have the Super High-Speed Internet Connection. I have the Premium Zoom Package. But best of all...because of my YouTube channel... I have a FULLY STOCKED Bar, which means I can make ANY Cocktail for you on the night. Unlike an in-person event, where you'd be limited by the amount of stock I can physically carry! 

Since April 2020, I have now done just over 50 of these Events. so trust me, I'll well practised!! 

My Fun ONLINE Cocktail Making Class is ideal for a;

Hen Party 

Birthday Party

Corporate Team Building Day

Weekend Getaway

Christmas Party​

I'm a Fun, Comedic Bartender, who LOVES to Entertain.

Wanna stalk me first - Check out my YouTube!

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One Package to keep it Simple


3-4 Cocktails each

normally lasting 2-2.5 hours


Look, I'll be honest... this whole Event can be completely tailored to you.

YOUR Times!

YOUR Cocktail Choices!

YES, I have the standard Shopping list that I send over to you. 

But apart from that, it's very much in your hands.


I've done a 1-hour Quick PRE-DINNER Class.

I've also done plenty of 4 hour Marathon Classes.


But the best plan of action...allow 2 hours for 3-4 Cocktails, then...

it gets CRAZY!!

I'm never in a rush to get off, so if you want to learn more and you have the ingredients, let's crack on and have more Fun!! There have been some nights where we've made 8-9 Cocktails!!! 


What do YOU Need?

YOU supply your Ingredients

YOU use your own Tools!
(or household objects!! a Sports Water Bottle makes a great Shaker!!)

Upon booking, I send over;

a Shopping List for a whole range of Cocktails.

(Complete with PDF Links from Amazon ease)

Zoom Link for your Meeting.

And a List of alternative Household Objects you could use as Cocktail Equipment!

Because you are supplying the ingredients, you can spend as little or as much as you like. You can share bottles with other people if you live close by... "you get the Vodka, and the Passion Fruit and I'll get the Passoa and the Limes!" 

I've had clients spend £100 on ingredients. I've had others spend £22!! it's all on you!

After this, all you need is;

a DECENT Internet Connection

Decent Volume

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet...or Phones!

And if you want even more fun...

an HD cable to run from your Laptop to a massive 60-80 inch TV!! 

Online Zoom Cocktail Class.jpg
Online Zoom Cocktail Class.jpg

Everyone looks bored in these pics as obviously we're on a wee wee/wash up break! Hence I've been able to get the Picture!!

🤣😂 I promise they are more fun than they look!

Why ZOOM??

Because I've found it's the BEST for this kind of event!! 

Now look, I'm okay at tech. And I do use completely different Software and set up for my Weekly Live Stream show on YouTube.

I've also seen other companies do this on Live Streaming Software like OBS or Streamyard...or even YouTube, Facebook or Instagram Live.

The issue with all these??

There is NO LIVE BANTER or Interaction. And that's what makes my Classes so much Fun.

I thrive off the Interaction. I thrive off the fact you will have Wedged your Limes wrong, or thought a Double Measure meant a "Double Double".

I DON'T MUTE MIC's. It's just a big free for all...that may get out of hand by Cocktail 4... but it's a flippin' laugh getting to Cocktail no4.

I can hear your questions. I can wind you up. I can pick on People. And you can destroy me too!!!  Zoom has been so much Fun!!


Also, there is NO LIMIT on connections!

I've had a Class with just myself and on screen. I've had a Class running to 7 different Countries. I've had a Class with 63 connections on at the same time...and even that was manageable!! So no matter where your friends or family are in the world... no matter what the time zone is, we can make it work!!

Can I watch it back??

Oh YES!!!

Give me some time, because it'll be a long Video! But I record ALL Zoom Cocktail Classes. not everyone wants them, but those that do, I upload it to YouTube as a PRIVATE Video, and send you the Link so only you will ever see it!! 


Why Hire me over another company?

You’d Hire me first and foremost, because I am a Fun ‘Comedic’ Entertainer and I’m Confident in what I do. Deffo not to be confused with Cocky or Egotistical though!  

I am a Personal Brand. You Hire me, because you want ME. If you Book me, I won't be sending Dave, Tom or Sarah to do the Event for me. I'll be doing it myself. It'd be like Buying Tickets for the Spice Girls, only for S Club 7 to show up instead. 


You'd Hire ME, because I have well over 800 extremely Happy Clients from the last 8 years in Business!!

I have run Cocktail Making Classes for major companies, including Virgin EMI Records, McCarthy & Stone, Innocent Drinks, Rolex, Easyjet, Compare the Market, BMW and many, many others…

And that now also includes amazing TV Celebrities like THE Rachel Riley from Countdown, 8 out of 10 Cats...and Strictly!

Rachel Riley Cocktail Making Class with Steve the Barman

As of 1st April 2020;

I have helped 284 Hen Parties have a truly awesome evening of Fun!

I have helped 119 Corporate Events go with a Bang.

I have helped 164 people celebrate their Birthdays. 

I've helped 5 Ladies celebrate their Divorces from their Ex Hubby

...One literally 8 months after I did her Hen Party!! 

And that now makes it well over 550+ Cocktail Making Classes in Total...!!

(Not to mention all the Cocktail Bars I used to do for Weddings and smaller Cocktail Parties)


Blah Blah Blah!!

Honestly, the main reasons you'd hire me are because...

I make it all about YOU YOU YOU!!!

You want a great memorable night, right?!

You want your Friends and Family to have the best time.

You don’t want any grief because something went wrong, or your Bartender didn’t turn up because they had a better offer.

Customer Service runs through my veins. I will make it my mission for your whole party to come away having the absolute time of their Lives. Their sides hurting from too much laughing. 

I just love helping people to have fun. The Party YOU organised will be remembered for months and years to come. I know because I'm extremely humbled to now get repeat bookings from Guests at previous parties from years past. Repeat Business makes up about 20% of my yearly Events.

Once you’ve paid, that’s it. Your Booking is 100% guaranteed.  I do not take a second booking on that date, nor do I drop you for a better paying, more lucrative event. You are my sole focus on that day.

Testimonials from previous Clients...

Thank you Steve. Your cocktail masterclass really went down well at our team building workshop... as well as the cocktails did! You were entertaining, the team had a great time and everyone learned so much! The gin presentation was also great, feel like an expert now 🍸.... highly recommend for team events! Thank you!

​Lyndsey, Essex

We hired Steve for a friend's hen party. From the point of first contact he was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. 
He helped us coming up with quirky names for the cocktails, and he had a wide variety of cocktails to choose from. He stayed in touch right up until the day of the event, and was prompt on the evening. All the girls loved him - he was very chatty and easy to get along with. Overall, I would highly recommend Steve's bar service and will definitely be using him again in the future!! Thanks :)

​Gemma, London (Suffolk Event)

Wow, what an amazing service Steve provided. Communication throughout was excellent and he pulled out all the stops on the actual night. The cocktails were brilliant and well made and the whole thing went like clockwork. Can't recommend Steve highly enough and wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

​Bonnie, London (Norfolk Event)

Steve did a gin tasting and cocktail masterclass at my sisters hen do and it was just brilliant! Steve was so knowledgeable but also made the whole evening really fun and the cocktails were amazing! Non-drinkers were catered for really well and communication prior to the event was excellent. Would not hesitate to book Steve again or recommend to others!

Stacey, Essex (Suffolk Event)

We booked Steve for my best friends hen do. There was 20 of us in a big house in Norfolk for the weekend. Steve was brilliant. He made it very easy to book and make changes when some people pulled out at the last minute and even made sure the non-drinkers didn’t miss out on the fun. Everyone had a great time and he handled a loud bunch very well. Great fun was had by all - it was the highlight of the weekend! :)

Kirsty, Norfolk

Cocktail master class for daughters 30th birthday. Steve is friendly & great at his job, we all had the best cocktail class ever!! Would highly recommend!! Porn star martini was the absolute favourite!!

Rebecca, Norfolk 

I had the best cocktail masterclass for my 18th birthday, thanks to Steve’s brilliant service. He was fantastic and had everything prepared, it was all very professional and the cocktails were amazing - the raspberry mojito was my favourite! Me and many friends all enjoyed it so much, even when we didn’t understand his jokes! I would 100% recommend his service to anyone.

Ella, Essex

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Locations in the Red, just outside of my Coverage Area, are always considered, but may be subject to a small Travel fee.

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