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Spirits & Cocktail Training

for Pubs & Bars

Not Pretentious, Not "Mixology". Just real life, Fun Training, for Everyday Bartenders and Bar Staff.

Helping educate you as a Bartender, or your Venue to make more Profit.

We can't afford to Train our Team.

And what if they Leave shortly after?!

What if you don't train them...

...and they Stay?!!!

My Spirits & Cocktail Training is aimed purely around the Spirit offering of your Pub or Bar. Maximising your Spirits Sales can unlock valuable Profit that you just can't get from Beer or Wine Sales. Having the Knowledge to help Customers choose their next drink could mean the difference between a £2 profit sale, or a £5 profit sale.

Are you maximising your Gin & Tonic sales?

Does your Team know how to tempt Customers with Spiced Rum?

Are you looking to offer something different, without daunting your Team with learning 10 ingredient Cocktail recipes?

Can your Team confidently talk to Customers about Whiskey & Cognac?

Can you tell Customers the difference between your Gin selection?

Is your Team EXCITED about serving Spirits?! 

There’s a stunning array of ways in which your team can totally mess up the serving of spirits! A rather sad ‘Gin & Tonic’ with no Ice or Garnish, served in a half pint glass is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have a nagging thought that your team are missing a trick, and that you could be wowing your customers with amazing Spirit-based Drinks and Cocktails, then you may need some training.

My Spirits & Cocktail Training can be the full shebang, or it can just be a simple session of Team Training.

I have my set "Course" that has a proven track record of delivering more Profit in Bar Tills. But I fully appreciate every venue is different. So anything can be Tailored to suit your specific requirements. We can work together to compile and implement a new Drinks List, then Train the Team to turn that £5 serve, into an £8 serve. Or you can bring me in to Motivate and Educate your Team on your current offering. I can teach them techniques and give them the knowledge, so they can be more confident behind the Bar. 

​With over 24 years of experience in the trade, I now love training & educating, and I share that passion with infectious enthusiasm in every single session! 

About Me!


I don't call myself a Mixologist. In fact I pretty much hate the word. I am a good Old Fashioned Bartender with over 2 decades of Cocktail and Spirits Knowledge. I LOVE my industry and I just want to help it grow in my own unique and fun way.

Set Training Sessions

A Session takes between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the group and the banter flying around.

(this can be tailored to suit you or your venue!)

Sessions include a good mix of Education, Inspiration, Motivation and Hands on Experience.

I'm also flexible to suit your Team. Whether it's between 3-5pm, or on a Monday night after 7pm. Whatever works for you.

Module 1

History of Cocktails


1.1 Early Cocktail recipes

1.2 Evolving Trends

Module 2

Basic Spirits knowledge


2.1 Vodka

2.2 Gin

2.3 Rum

2.4 Whiskey/Whisky

2.5 Cognac

2.6 Tequila

2.7 Vermouth

2.8 Liqueurs

Module 3

Preparing Your Bar

3.1 Set up

3.2 Restocking

3.3 Garnish Prep

3.4 Glassware Styles and Uses

3.5 Equipment you'll need

3.6 Ice

Module 4

Cocktails & Techniques

4.1 Highballs - Pouring & Building Drinks

4.2 Stirring - Martini, Old Fashioneds (including the principles of a Martini Glass)

4.3 Muddling - Mojitos & Fresh Fruit

4.4 Shaking - Daiquiris, Cosmopolitans & Margaritas

4.5 Layering - Making that perfect B52

Module 5

Everyday Cocktails you need to know

Plus an indepth look at your existing List

5.1 Disco Cocktails - Sex on the Beach, Woo Woo, Pornstar Martini, Espresso, Pina Colada's etc

5.2 Modern Classics - Mojitos, Collins, Daiquiri, Bramble etc

5.3 Spritz's

5.4 Flipping up Classic Cocktails the easy way

5.5 Seasonal variations

Module 6

Customer Service

Helping YOU earn more Money


6.1 Customer Greeting

6.2 Bar Awareness - Your Sixth Sense

6.3 Guest Interaction

6.4 Drinks Recommendations

6.5 Service Expectations

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What do my previous clients think?

"I hired Steve for some simple Spirits training for my Team. We’re not a Cocktail Bar, but we wanted to cash in on Spirit Sales. Steve spent the afternoon with us, giving my team lots of Fun and lots of knowledge. He helped us create a simple Spirit & Mixer menu that stands out and draws attention, but more importantly makes us money! 2 days later, that Pineapple Dark & Stormy is already a big seller.

Thank you Steve. We’re all looking forward to you coming back down before the Summer for a refresher session"

Debbie, Chelmsford

"Steve, thank you SO much for the training yesterday. My whole team loved it. You were very engaging and funny which certainly helped my Team bond with you. We’re really looking forward to implementing a new Gin Menu with a whole range of different mixers and garnishes. This will definitely help us stand out from our competition. Thank you. I can’t wait for you to come back again."

Andy, Hertford 

"I booked Steve to come in for the morning and do some Spirits and Cocktail Training. But it was so much more than this! I loved how he opened up with Customer Service and how to actually talk our Customers in to Spirits and away from their traditional Beer or Wine. Steve comes across with superb passion, it really is infectious. From the opening 2 minutes, you can tell he lives and breathes our industry. I would totally recommend him to anyone who is looking to help their Bar Team grow."

Amy, Ipswich

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