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From Bar Equipment & Tools, to Tonic Waters and Gins...

This is everything i recommend on my YouTube Channel! 

A lot of these tools and Tonic waters are also mentioned very heavily in my Blog. My Blog features everything from Product Reviews, to recipes and the odd 'Diary' entry too. So make sure you check it out by clicking here!


Bar Tools

Mezclar Precisio Measure

Tiki Cocktail Shakers

Starter Cocktail Kit

Hawthorn Strainer

Bar Spoon

Mixing Glass

Bartender Apron

Speed Pourers

Cocktail Tree

Try new Gin Whiskey Rum Cheaply.png

Tonic Waters

Lamb & Watt Hibiscus

Lixir Tonic Mixed Case

Double Dutch Pomegranate

Lamb & Watt Basil

Pink Peppercorn Tonic

Double Dutch Cucumber

Fentimans Mixed Case

Merchants Heart Floral

Double Dutch Cranberry

Cocktail Making Class at Home.png


c - pineapple grenade_edited.jpg

Pineapple Grenade

Dead Mans Fingers Spiced

RedLeg Pineapple

Old J Tiki Fire

Plantation OFTD Rum

c - Grapefruit Grenade_edited.jpg

Grapefruit Grenade

Dead Mans Fingers Hemp

RedLeg Spiced Rum

Old J Spiced

Dead Mans Fingers Coconut

Plantation Pineapple

Dead Mans Fingers Coffee

Plantation Xaymaca

Buy ODK Purées from Drinkstuff

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