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From Bar Equipment & Tools, to Purees and Syrups...

This is everything i Use on my YouTube Channel..and will help you create Amazing Drinks for yourselves! 

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Mezclar Precisio Measure

We all need a Measure for Cocktails, simply becasue getting the correct proportions makes the drink taste better. In my 20+ of Bar Service, no tool has ever come close to being as amazing as this. Simple yet Genius. And why there aren't more of them on the market, i have no idea. This simple measure has lines at 5ml increments in the 25ml End...and 10ml increments in the 50ml end. Meaning if a Cocktail calls for 5ml of Syrup, or 15ml of Lime juice, you can now cut out the guess work!

Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail Shakers are also a vital part of the Cocktail Kit. They come in all different Colours, Patterns...but also weighted and unweighted. There is No right or wrong, just what you're comfortable with. I love these Tiki Shaker Tins. Slightly weighted at the Bottom. You'll see I use the Pink and the Black. But have a dig around and find your perfect shaker from Drinkstuff.

Miracle Foamer - They're Genius!

Using Egg White in Cocktails is a Bartenders secret weapon. For a fair few Classic Cocktails, this is an ingredient that gets omitted from the Menu's but is used Frequently to give that lovely Frothy Velvety feel. However, we understand that quite a few Cocktail Lovers are put off by Fresh Egg White in a Cocktail. So those awesome Canadian Ms Betters Bitter folk have come up with their Miraculous Foamers. The equivalent of 160 Egg Whites per bottle and will give you a froth that'll last for hours!
Vegan Friendly. No known Allergies!


Funkin & ODK Purée

I'm a MASSIVE advocate for using Purée as it's guaranteed consistency in your Cocktails. BUT... i do use a variety of Brands. For Example, I use Funkin Passion Fruit in my Pornstar Martinis because it's the best tasting. But i use Watermelon Purée from ODK. 

Funkin Purée have a long shelf life. But once opened, they need to be used within 5 days.

ODK Purée are both long Shelf Life and Shelf Stable once opened for about 3 months. But they are more of a Purée with Sugar.


William Fox Syrups

Syrups are another Vital aspect of Cocktails. And now literally come in EVERY Flavour you could possibly even think of. William Fox are, in my opinion, some of the best around at the moment. And they specialise in really Quirky flavours.

Think Rhubarb, Custard, Unicorn (Strawberry & Marshmallow), Santa (Apple & Cinnamon), Juniper, Cola...and Bacon!! All under £10 a bottle and will make anywhere between 28 and 50 Cocktails!


Monin Syrups

Monin syrups are pretty much the industry standard. Not earth shattering flavours, but they've been around for a long while and are exceptionally good. They are the biggest Syrup manufacturers in the world. And i use them for most of my normal Flavours.

Vanilla, Blood Orange, Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry, Coconut, Berries, Grenadine etc

Most of them are less than £10, most around the £7 mark and will again make 28-50 Cocktails.

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Hawthorn Strainer

If you've got a Boston shaker, you'll need a Hawthorn Strainer to stop the Ice coming out when you're pouring your shaken Cocktail into your Glass. No need to go too expensive here. You can pick up strainers from £2.50 to £20! Mine are about £5.00! and have lasted years of constant use.

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Bar Spoon

granted, a Bar Spoon isn't a vital piece of equipment, we've all got Spoons at home. BUT. A Bar Spoon does tend to be longer to help you stir all the way to the bottom of the glass. They also tend to be Twisted, which is kinda cool if you want to layer Drinks!

This literally costs less than £3!

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Buy ODK Purées from Drinkstuff

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