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Spirits & Cocktail Training

for Pubs & Bars

Not Pretentious, Not "Mixology". Just real life, Fun Training, for Everyday Bartenders and Bar Staff.

Helping educate you as a Bartender, or your Venue to make more Profit.

We can't afford to Train our Team.

And what if they Leave shortly after?!

What if you don't train them...

...and they Stay?!!!

I have 2 options available to help your Team master the Basic Cocktails...

Option 1

How to make ALL the Famous Cocktails.jpg

Video training Session

This is a 3+ Hour Video covering 35+ of the most famous Cocktails that Bartenders will need to know.

The Session starts with an Equipment Introduction then goes on to cover everything from Spritz's to a PROPER Sex on the Beach, Pornstars to Sours, Gin Martini's to Manhattan's, Mojito's to the Zombie...and I'll even show you how to make theatrical Fire Garnishes!

The video has Chapters which means you can break the session down into 20-30 min sessions, or simply jump directly to the Cocktail of your choice if you need a refresher.

The video is an unlisted video on YouTube, which means once you've Purchased access, it's your's to use time and time again...ask long as you save the link!

I've also created a handy downloadable PDF Cheat Sheet so you have all the recipes to hand.



After Checkout, PayPal will redirect you straight to the unlisted Video on YouTube.

Make sure you Bookmark this Link on your PC, Tablet or Phone.

Any issues, please do not hesitate in contacting me. 

(Once I see the PayPal receipt, I'll also Email you a Link to the Video...but as this isn't automated, it may not be until I'm next in the Office)

About Me!


I don't call myself a Mixologist. In fact I pretty much hate the word. I am a good Old Fashioned Bartender with over 2 decades of Cocktail and Spirits Knowledge. I LOVE my industry and I just want to help it grow in my own unique and fun way.

Option 2


Zoom training Session

During COVID times, I've been quite adept at Zoom Training Sessions. Whether they're for Cocktail Making Classes because I can't be there in person due to restrictions, or whether clients are simply too far away for me to travel to!

Zoom Sessions can take 2 forms...

Either I host a Training Session like the Video above, but the advantages of it being over Zoom is that I can answer Questions, take specific requests, engage more...and generally be even more helpful. Plus I can really focus on the Cocktails or Drinks you need your Team to be able to make. As opposed to a general session.



I can do a 1:2:1 session with You, or your Management Team and help you come up with a Spirits or Cocktail Direction. Help chat through some ideas and which Brands could help you create something different. 

Make a Zoom Cocktail Enquiry

What do my previous clients think?

"I hired Steve for some simple Spirits training for my Team. We’re not a Cocktail Bar, but we wanted to cash in on Spirit Sales. Steve spent the afternoon with us, giving my team lots of Fun and lots of knowledge. He helped us create a simple Spirit & Mixer menu that stands out and draws attention, but more importantly makes us money! 2 days later, that Pineapple Dark & Stormy is already a big seller.

Thank you Steve. We’re all looking forward to you coming back down before the Summer for a refresher session"

Debbie, Chelmsford

"Steve, thank you SO much for the training yesterday. My whole team loved it. You were very engaging and funny which certainly helped my Team bond with you. We’re really looking forward to implementing a new Gin Menu with a whole range of different mixers and garnishes. This will definitely help us stand out from our competition. Thank you. I can’t wait for you to come back again."

Andy, Hertford 

"I booked Steve to come in for the morning and do some Spirits and Cocktail Training. But it was so much more than this! I loved how he opened up with Customer Service and how to actually talk our Customers in to Spirits and away from their traditional Beer or Wine. Steve comes across with superb passion, it really is infectious. From the opening 2 minutes, you can tell he lives and breathes our industry. I would totally recommend him to anyone who is looking to help their Bar Team grow."

Amy, Ipswich

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