Rum Tasting Night

Entertaining, Fun and Educational!

Ideal for a Hen Party Night, celebrating a Birthday, a Weekend Getaway with Friends and Family, or even adding something different to your Saturday Night in.

My Rum Tasting Nights are really FUN and completely different to anything else I've seen before.


The Rum renaissance is coming, there's more and more brands launching each month, so my Rum Nights give you a little bit of Education, but more importantly, plenty of tasting! 

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Rum Tasting Night Format​

I'm not here to tell you what's the Best Rum, or how you should drink it. At the end of the Evening, you'll know the style of Rum that YOU like and the Drink that works best for YOU.

Arrival Cocktails

I'll lay on tasty Rum Cocktail to get you in the mood.


Setting the Scene and Tasting

30 minutes of History & Education based around the different main styles of Rum.

Rum Cocktail Showcase

I'll make up and talk you through a whole host of Rum Cocktails, then dish out samples so you get to try them all. From Cuba Libres & Dark & Stormy's, to Mojitos, Mai Tai's and the whole Tiki Culture 

Choose your Favourite Cocktail to Finish

After you've tasted all the Samples, you get to choose your favourite to have as your final Drink 

** This Session would normally last 3.5 hours! **

But can last longer with we get in to debating ;-)


Thank you Steve. Your cocktail masterclass really went down well at our team building workshop... as well as the cocktails did! You were entertaining, the team had a great time and everyone learned so much!


The gin presentation was also great, feel like an expert now 🍸.... highly recommend for team events! Thank you!

Lyndsey, Essex

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Coverage Area

Locations in the Red, just outside of my Coverage Area, are always considered, but will be subject to a small Travel fee.

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Over the past 7 years, I've had the pleasure of providing Cocktail Bars and Cocktail Masterclasses for these amazing companies;

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