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Rum Cocktail Masterclass
& Rum School

By Steve the Barman

Entertaining, Fun and Educational. And I come to you! Rum School and Rum Cocktail Masterclass Nights are perfect if you want to learn a little bit about Rum, enjoy tasting something different, and crack out the Cocktail Shakers to make some fantastic Rum Cocktails.

My Rum School Tasting Experiences and Rum Masterclasses are really FUN and completely different to anything else I've seen before. With over 10+ years of experience delivering fun and engaging Cocktail Masterclasses, now you can enjoy a dedicated Rum Night with your Friends, Family or Work Colleagues.

3 Options;

Rum Tasting
Rum Cocktail Masterclass
Rum Tasting AND Cocktail Making

All you have to do is choose one!

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Start with Group Daiquiri's.

Guided Tour of Rum Styles.

(This involves lots of Neat Rum!)

Guess the Tasting Notes.

Simple Mixers and Rum Hiballs.

End with the Epic OFTD Swizzle.

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RUM Cocktail Masterclass

Group Daiquiri's to Start.

Craft your own Daqs!

Changing your perceptions of the Mojito.

Ultimate Punch Fun - Compete individually or in Groups.

Finish with Painkillers, cos they're 10x better than Pina Colada's! 

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The Rum Combo

Group Daiquiri's to Start.

Quick Guided Tour of Basic Rum Styles.

(Involves a little bit of Neat Rum!)

Changing your perceptions of the Mojito.

Finding your perfect Mixer for Rum.

Finish with Painkillers.

If you want to stalk me, my Rum Knowledge and what lies in wait, have a look at my YouTube Channels.

They're totally dedicated to Rum!

Coverage Area

Other areas are considered, except for London...basically anything inside the North Circular is off limits.

Steve the Barman Cocktail Masterclass Coverage Area
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