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Learn with StB

Not Pretentious, Not "Mixology".

Just real life, Fun Education, for Everyday Drinkers, Bar Staff and Pub & Mobile Owners

I have 2 Missions


I want to help everyday Pubs to serve decent Spirits Based drinks. Yes, they are still Cocktails, but a very different brand of Cocktails to something you'd find in a High Street Cocktail Bar. 


I want you guys at home to make yourself a decent drink. As my Video Tagline goes; 

"I help you to drink, serve and enjoy, YOUR favourite Drinks!"

How my Patreon can help you...

Patreon is a third party platform, pretty new to the UK, but has been around YEARS in the US.

It's a platform which helps creators like me, to build a community of loyal fans and give them exclusive content to help them.


Make more money Bartending 


Up your Home Bartending Game


Helping your Pub or Bar to Make more Money with Spirits & Cocktails


Start your Own Mobile Bar Business


Cocktail Training and Hints & Tips

How is my Content Delivered

- Pictures & PDFs

- Video

- Blogs

- Audio Podcasts

How to Consume the Content

- Direct from the Patreon Website

- Download the App

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