Gin Tasting Nights for Pubs

Helping you to make more money on quieter nights, while giving your Customers and unforgettable and memorable evening!

This is a Gin Tasting Night like no other.  I mix History, with Education and Tasting. I bring it from the Bartender perspective. Completely UNAFFILIATED to any Brand, I tell it how it really is, instead of what marketing would have you believe.

I give the Customers…your Regulars and Guests… the opportunity to find “Their” Gin and to find the Tonic that they actually like.  All without the Marketing Hype and being told what they should be liking.

Be prepared for some interesting results in the Blind tastings, as one thing I’ve found in the last 2 years…it rarely goes the way you’d expect!

My Gin Tasting Night Format

The whole premise of these nights is to help you build trade on a quieter night, Sunday through Thursdays. (Thursday work exceptionally well!) and of course, us having a bit of Fun.

The Deal is super easy;

  • £15 per person (my minimum charge to you is for 15 people) 

  • Ideally these events are perfect for 25-30 people.
    No more than 30 though as it’ll lose the flow.

  • If you have a very large interest, I am happy to hold a second night for you. In fact, sometimes it can be better to limit numbers, to create that Fear of Missing out! 

  • You can sell Tickets at ANY PRICE!
    I don't mind you selling tickets for £20, or even £25. But be mindful to offer Value.  If you're going to charge £25 a ticket, then you need to lay on some really tasty Snacks and Nibbles!  In my experience, £20 works very well and you'll get lots of Interest.  You can use that £5 per ticket for Food, bearing in mind you get the other advantages below!

The Format;

  • Roughly a 2 Hour Session

  • Arrival Gin based Bellini Cocktail

  • Guests get a little bit of History and Education

  • Tutored Blind Gin Tasting of 8 different Gins
    (a mixture of classic Gins and quirky Gins)

  • Tutored Blind Tonic Tasting of 8 different Tonics
    (we find out that while 1 Tonic works for one person, it doesn't always work for another!)

  • And then to finish, I give each person a Gin Balloon, a 50ml Sample Bottle of Gin, a Bottle of Tonic and Ice and I talk them through how to make and taste the perfect G&T.

The sell on to your Venue is 3-fold;

  • You get to sell Tickets at whatever price you want.
    But it does work really well if you use a little of that to provide simple Snacks/Nibbles before the G&T finale. (I invoice you for the agreed amount 3 days before the Event...paid in advance).
    I recommend Selling Tickets at £20 per person.

  • Because I start at approx 7:30pm, I finish at roughly 9:30pm. I have seen at least 50% of attendees stay on to Purchase more G&Ts over the Bar.  Many often staying until 10:30/11pm.
    So make sure you have plenty of Ice and a Fully Stocked Gin Collection!

  • This boosts your Trade on an otherwise quiet night and may even attract new customers to your venue.
    Use the Night as a great Marketing Platform for other upcoming Events, or even to demonstrate your own Customer Service and Food Offering! 

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