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Lidl Plum & Cinnamon Gin Liqueur

In this video, I’m taking Lidl’s gorgeous new Plum & Cinnamon Liqueur for a Test-drive!!

Have you tried any of Lidl’s Liqueurs and Gins before?! If so, let me know which ones in the comments!

So I saw this advertised in the press about a week ago. And I’ll be honest, anything with Plum in the name kinda gets my attention. Then I saw the Price. Less than £12 a bottle. So off i trotted (after googling to find my closest store!)

How to try new gins cheaply

I tell you what. It’s bloomin delicious. Sweet. Big Plum notes. Subtle but robust hint of cinnamon spice on the aftertaste.

Now as for serves. Well there’s 2 big obvious ones here straight away;

  • Prosecco...or if you’re like me, I’m more of a Cava man. Let’s face it, it’s a better

  • Fizz. - Hot Apple could garnish that with some cloves, star anise, and depending on the apple juice it’s self, maybe some honey!!

But this does actually work as a G&T too!!

Fever Tree was my Favvy Tonic. But 1783, Franklin and Sons, and Tesco were all okay too.

Flavoured Tonic wise.

Well guess what. Fever Tree Clementine and Cinnamon is the big winner here. That’s just made for Christmas Day!!

But also Double Dutch Cranberry and Ginger Tonic. Exceptional. And interestingly, Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit works really well. Wouldn’t have thought that combo to be honest.

Best of the rest. Fever Tree Lemon and Mediterranean. 1783 Ginger Ale. Fentimans Orange Tonic.

Next Episode;

Hope you enjoyed that. In the next episode I’m going to be talking G&T Glasses. So make sure you don’t miss that. That’ll be out in a couple of days!



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