5 EASY Cocktails with Raspberry Puree to make at Home

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5 EASY Cocktails with Raspberry Puree to make at home. In this video I've got some absolutely AWESOME Raspberry Cocktails for you to try. You obviously don't have to use Raspberry Puree, you can easily use fresh Raspberry in these Cocktails. 3-5 Raspberries will replicate the 15ml Raspberry Puree I use in each Cocktail. I cover all the bases in this video. Rum, Vodka, Gin, Brandy and Tequila. Each one of these should suit every palate.


Cocktail 1

Diablo Rocks- https://stblive.uk/diablo

Cocktail 2

Nick & Nora Glass - https://stblive.uk/nicknora

Cocktail 3

Sling Glass - http://stblive.uk/sling

Cocktail 4

Mai Tai Glass - http://stblive.uk/tikimaitai

Cocktail 5

Old Fashioned Glass - http://stblive.uk/michelangeloOF