Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

and Mixologist Hire

Hire a Bartender for your Party and get a Cocktail Maker at your House for the Evening to impress your Friends!

I work in Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and South Lincoln.

Plus I've been known to cross the Borders into Bedfordshire, Lincoln, Kent and Buckinghamshire!! 

My Bartender Hire and Mobile Cocktail Bar Service can be tailored for any kind of Event. Whether you're looking to throw a Party to celebrate a special occasion, or just invite some friends around on a Friday Night. Or maybe you're looking to put on a Corporate Event to thank staff or impress clients. Or perhaps you're booking up your Summer or Christmas Party. I have the solution that fits all!

As I work alone, I specialise in Events of 8 to 50 people!

I am normally set up and ready to shake the first drinks within an hour of arrival and cleaned up ready to go an hour after I've finished. All my services include Bar Units, Glasses, plenty of Ice and of course all the Drinks.

My Standard Bartender Hire Package

starts at 3 Cocktails Per Person

(of course if you want to prepay for more, we can sort that, but 3 is the no risk option as I can carry on serving on the Night)

Service lasts 3 to 4 hours

You & I collaborate on the Cocktail ​List,

meaning not only do you get your favourites, but also some of my current favourites to help wow you and your guests.


Plus I always carry a "Play Bag" so I can go 'Off Menu" for special requests.


If Gin is your thing, I can bring a selection of Premium Gins and a whole range of different Tonics.


I provide all the Cocktails, Ice, Bar and Glasses

​All's I need from you is the Space​

Why Hire me over another company?

Because I have well over 700 extremely Happy Clients from the last 6 years in Business!!

I have run Cocktail Events for major companies, including Innocent Drinks, Rolex, Easyjet, Compare the Market, BMW and many, many others…

  • You want a great memorable weekend, right?!

  • You want your Friends, Family or Work Colleagues to have the best time.

  • You don’t want any grief because something went wrong, or your Bartender didn’t turn up because they had a better offer.

  • You also don’t want to be given a shopping list and have to go out and buy the ingredients, make sure you have enough AND the right glasses, and you don’t want to have to worry about keeping all the Ice frozen.

You’d Hire me first and foremost, because I am a Fun ‘Comedic’ Entertainer and I’m Confident in what I do. Deffo not to be confused with Cocky though!

I just love helping people to have fun. The Party YOU organised will be remembered for months and years to come. I know because I get repeat bookings from Guests at previous parties from years past.

You’re also safe in the knowledge that it’ll be me who turns up as your Bartender for the Evening. Not an unknown Bartender that you’ve never spoken to before, or someone with only 6 months Bartending experience.

I’ve been a Cocktail Bartender for over 20 years, I have a lot of experience and I have a lot of happy clients who’d recommend me at the drop of a hat.

Once you’ve paid the deposit, that’s it. Your Booking is 100% guaranteed.  I do not take a second booking on that date, nor do I drop you for a better paying, more lucrative event. You are my sole focus on that day.

You’d also Hire me because I take care of EVERYTHING. The only things I need from you are Space, Decent Parking/Access and a bit of Hot Tap Water. That’s it. You won’t get any shopping lists. You won’t be asked to provide the Glasses. Nor will you have to go out and buy 30kg of Ice and 40+ Limes.  The Prices includes Everything  need to make your Cocktails. I turn up well before the Start time, set up quickly and quietly, make people laugh, get you making drinks and leave you with very long last memories!

Basically, by booking me as your Fun Bartender for the Evening, you’ll get HERO status within your group!

How amazing would that make YOU feel?!

Other Drinks

Openly and Honestly,

I prefer not to get involved in Beer, Bubbly or Wine.

You are completely free to supply all that.


You are hiring me as a Fun & Entertaining Cocktail Bartender. I prefer to concentrate on my Expertise...and that's making the Cocktails, or getting you to try new and different G&Ts.



Yes I could supply Bubbly and Beer, but we all know you can get some amazing deals at your local supermarkets for less that what I'd have to charge.


So let me take care of the Spirits, Liqueurs, Purées, Fruit, Mixers, Juices and etc, and concentrate on making the Drinks that you can't make. 

After all, you wouldn't hire a Plumber to fix your Computer ;-)


Thank you Steve. Your cocktail masterclass really went down well at our team building workshop... as well as the cocktails did! You were entertaining, the team had a great time and everyone learned so much!


The gin presentation was also great, feel like an expert now 🍸.... highly recommend for team events! Thank you!

Lyndsey, Essex

What would your Event look like if you hired me?!

Coverage Area

Locations in the Red, just outside of my Coverage Area, are always considered, but will be subject to a small Travel fee.

Over the past 7 years, I've had the pleasure of providing Cocktail Bars and Cocktail Masterclasses for these amazing companies;

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