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3 Captain Morgans Dark Rum Cocktails

Easy Rum Cocktails you can make at Home!

In this video, I have the long-awaited Dark Rum video version of Captain Morgan Drinks. These are really easy Rum cocktails to make at home. Captain Morgan does get some bad press in the UK, but I think it's a really good Dark Rum for making Cocktails. Especially Rum Punch. Captain Morgan Dark Rum is probably the biggest Dark Rum brand in the UK, obviously famous for Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, so it's obvious you're going to want some easy cocktails at home or for your next party.

Captain Morgan Dark Rum was actually the first Rum I ever had. I started off with Rum and Coke, then quickly moved on to Rum and Ginger Beer. Captain Morgan is a 37.5% Rum owned by Diageo, but pretty much available worldwide. It's just an easy-going, easy-drinking Dark Rum. Perfect for simple Rum cocktails.

Watch the Video...

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