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Buy my Cocktail eBook

If you have downloaded my FREE Cocktail eBook and loved it,
then you may want to get yourself the updated version!
Download the Freebie here

Volume 7

Released Winter 2020

100+ Pages of pure Awesomeness!!!

Recipe Book V7 - Part 1.jpg

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As I'm just starting out, nothing is automated as in emails etc. 

Once you Check Out using PayPal above... PayPal will automatically redirect you to the PDF Book.

As this is a Weblink, it's important you Download/Save this PDF to your Device. (see it as Downloading an invoice from O2 for example.)

However, as soon as I see your PayPal receipt (which should have your email address on it) I will also send you the link via Email, so you have it. But as I say, this part is not automated as yet, so please allow me a few hours if I'm not in the office! 

Any issues whats so ever, just Email me, or WhatsApp me!

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